Choosing Topics for Argumentative Essay Writing

Choosing Topics for Argumentative Essay Writing

Writing an argumentative essay means developing and articulating a clear opinion on a particular topic. Students should find suitable evidence to support this opinion and persuade the target audience to share their view. A strong argumentative essay requires students to familiarize themselves with existing positions on a chosen topic. It helps create an informed paper. Following that, students need to start collecting appropriate and reliable evidence, such as expert opinions, statistics, and verifiable facts that serves as support for their position.

What Constitutes a Compelling Topic for Argumentative Essay?

When selecting your topic, pay attention to a subject with which you are familiar. Even if you make a decision to turn to an academic essay writing service, knowledge of the topic will make a good platform for your ideas. It is also a good idea to select a topic that can trigger a strong emotional response in your audience. Such a strategy is effective in persuading people to share your perspective.

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Hints on How to Create a Successful Argumentative Essay

Keep in mind that your essay should have the following structure:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • Several body paragraphs
  • Concluding paragraph

Using this structure for an argumentative essay will enable you to stay focused and help your audience follow your argument.

  1. The introductory paragraph should contain a clear thesis statement and a brief background of the subject, as well as underlying the importance of a chosen topic.
  2. The body paragraphs that follow the intro demonstrate accurate supporting evidence necessary to back up the author’s arguments.
  3. After presenting a personal position, the author sheds light on the alternative perspectives.
  4. A concluding paragraph ends the essay. It is an important section of the argumentative essay, which allows the author to make a final impression on the audience. Here the author summarizes the main points of the body paragraphs and indicates why his/her opinion deserves to be preferred.

It is also helpful to use connection words in your essay.

How to Employ Connection Words

Connection words serve as a bridge between the ideas presented in your essay. They ensure a smooth transition between two points. Here is the list of effective connection words:

Addition: likewise, in addition, also;

Cause or Purpose: given that, for the purpose of, with this in mind;

Contrast: otherwise, however, despite, nevertheless;

Result: consequently, therefore, as a result;

Conclusion: to summarize, in conclusion, as shown above.

Now, you possess all necessary information about selecting topics for an argumentative essay and writing this type of papers. Good luck with your academic assignments!

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