How to Create a Perfect Speech?

How to Create a Perfect Speech?

To write an excellent, meaningful and useful speech use these tips. There are two types of language, written and spoken. Note that your speech will not be read. Therefore it should be natural. Observe the structure of public speaking, formulate sentences briefly and clearly, avoid complex speech.

Do Not Hurry

Do not rush, do not write a speech for an hour, determine the topic and give yourself a few days to think over the problems and questions, discuss the topic in the circle of friends. Speech should inform, entertain and induce to action.

Attract Attention of the Audience

Use attention grabber at the beginning of the speech, intrigue the audience, catch the attention of listeners. People are interested in finding out an unusual fact about completely ordinary things. Add a little humor. Show that the interests of your listeners are related to the topic of the speech.

Be Concise

Be concise. Size matters, the more words in your message are, the less benefit you have. The most valuable resource of people is time, the more you save it, the more valuable you are as a speaker.

Study the Topic

Find literature, learn what the authoritative people were saying and thought about your theme. Watch the video of experts’ interviews and give their opinion in the form of quotes. Do not forget about the rules of quoting.

Excellent speech should be understandable even to the child. Do not use specific terms for an unprepared audience. It is important to inspire the audience's trust. Recall suitable examples from life. It is desirable that they describe the struggle for goals and victories. Create vivid pictures in the imagination of listeners and use contrasts. Use metaphors, but at the same time avoid clichés. Make things and concepts that are unfamiliar to the audience more clear, connect them to well-known objects, explain them using simple examples. You can repeat the main idea of the speech several times, but with the help of different words.

How to Finish a Public Speech

First of all, you need to write conclusions, sum up and make a summary of the issues. Call the audience to the action, offer listeners a small step, which they can do right now, without leaving the hall. End the speech with a culmination, which should gradually increase during it. Tell me about the future and express faith in your listeners.

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