How to Write an Annotated Bibliography?

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography?

The Essence of the Annotated Bibliography

Many types of research, regardless of the style they are written in, require the availability of an annotated bibliography. This is not just a list of the books one used to write the work but a brief description of each source. The annotated bibliography differs from the literary review by its clear structure and brevity of descriptions. The basis of such a bibliography consists of annotations to books or articles. The annotation has an explanatory or recommendatory character. The basis for drawing up the annotation is based on three main features, such as functional characteristics, completeness of reflection, and the number of annotated publications (documents). The process of creating an annotated bibliography begins with a bibliographic search; it is an information search (selection of materials) for the purpose of their subsequent bibliographic processing carried out on the basis of bibliographic data.

The Annotated Bibliography Examples

Annotated Bibliography MLA

  • Lamotte describes his own writing experience in this book. Readers can learn many interesting facts about the life of the author and writing skills in general.
  • The Lamotte book cannot be considered a textbook, but it has many useful materials that help develop creative skills. For example, readers can find a lot of exercises here.
  • Some data from the Lamotte’s book can be used in the curriculum for literature and publishing. For example, some exercises can be very effective in conducting classes.

Three types of bibliographic annotations were presented above. Each of them has its own function. The first type is informative, the second one describes the content of the book, and the third indicates what the practical use of this source of information can be.

Annotated Bibliography APA

  • The book presents modern scientific research on the theory and practice of the art therapy. A systematic analysis of the art therapy methodology in the main areas of art-therapeutic activity was carried out. The publication is recommended for students, graduate students, the research staff of psychological, pedagogical, and social specialization, as well as for all readers interested in art therapy.
  • Readers can find much interesting information that will be useful for studying the psychology and influence of artistry on the development of personal qualities of a person.
  • Studies presented in the book can be used to conduct lectures and practical classes. The use of these materials has already shown its effectiveness in training groups.

Annotated Bibliography Chicago

  • The author considers the importance and necessity of protecting personal data in this article. He studies the ways to prevent information leakage and its unauthorized use. The result of the work is a number of significant proposals for storing and optimizing the processing of personal data in various institutions and organizations.

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