How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Contemporary social problems, relationships, constant social and economic changes, causes and trends in the development of modern world require the use of a creative, responsible and competent analysis (the appropriate definition of the problem, the ability to formulate an alternative, hypothesis and the ability of its practical existence). Students encounter these tasks while writing an argumentative essay.

The Essence of the Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay expresses the individual impressions and considerations of the author concerning a particular occasion or subject with the help of arguments. The argumentative essay involves the author's expression of his or her point of view and personal subjective assessment of the matter, creates non-standard, original coverage of the material (a conversation, emotional expression, and imagery). It is may have elements of improvisation, certain pathos, and irony.

The Process of Writing

The process of writing an essay can be represented as a chain, the sequence of certain elements, stages, and processes. Such phases and elements are important for students. Noting, especially when reading, is a strategic intellectual skill. Summarizing, the student selects the relevant material and develops his or her understanding of the theoretical statements and empirical data.


Planning is the definition of the purpose, main ideas, sources of information, and terms of the completion of work. The purpose is to determine the actions. Ideas can be concrete and general (more abstract). Thoughts, feelings, views, and representations can be expressed in the form of analogies, associations, assumptions, reasoning, judgments, arguments, etc.


It is important to select the proper material for each specific topic. First, you must read two or three key articles or books that present a clear conceptual framework or theoretical argumentation or provide comprehensive empirical data. Such strategic reading will form certain basic understanding of the subject (taking into account different judgments and interpretations), which will serve as the basis for deliberate further reading.


The analysis of the contradictions, consideration of thematic studies, and formation of the problem allow the student to determine the subject of the essay. The topic, questions, and tasks faced by the learner in the process of thinking over the essay require analytical answers, that is, the search for explanations of certain phenomena.


Argumentation is a collection of logical methods of justification of the truth of any judgment with the help of other related statements. Evidence must be based on the data of science. A writer should use facts and scientific data to convince readers. The structure of any evidence contains three components, such as a thesis, arguments, and conclusions. A thesis is the position that needs to be proved. Arguments are the facts used to prove the truth of the thesis. The conclusion is an opinion based on the analysis of the facts. It may also include thoughts based on the writer’s beliefs.

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