Plastic Surgery Persuasive Essay

Plastic Surgery Persuasive Essay

Plastic surgery may be an extremely controversial theme for crafting a persuasive essay. The primary task of any writer is to choose a strong thesis statement. You will have to create a list of pros and cons and decide which side you are going to be on. The task of the persuasive essay is to convince your reader of taking your point of view. Of course, the writer has to take into consideration both positive and negative consequences. We have prepared some samples for you to understand how to craft a perfect persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Introduction

Pro: One of the personal freedoms is the right to choose what is better for a person, including his or her body. If plastic surgery is a conscious choice, then the person has the right to have it.

Con: Plastic surgery is a source for narrow-minded people to attract attention to their personality, while a bright mind is the best attraction.

There can be numerous reasons that motivate people to have plastic surgery. Some of them were injured and their body got mutilated, while others want to make themselves even more attractive. You need to look deep into the reasons behind this decision and discuss any possible outcomes. When mulling over any advantages or disadvantages, you need to present solid arguments. There is no room for neutral opinions.

Persuasive Essay Body

Pro: There are numerous causes that lead to plastic surgery. Most of the cases are related to car accidents. Therefore, people are in need of reconstruction to retain the previous feeling of confidence, which may be achieved through plastic surgery only. It helps these people get back to normal life. Nowadays, plastic surgery has been a victim of a stereotype that it is done to enhance women’s breasts. Very few people understand that plastic surgery is more than that.

Con: Most of the time, plastic surgery is not done to help someone return to their normal life. Very few of those who do it for beauty purposes do not understand that it is as dangerous as any other type of surgery. Most people run a risk to lose their life for the sake of bigger breasts. There should be a legitimate reason to undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has become an industry and not cure.

Any conclusion is used to restate the main points and ideas to the reader. They should look at the case from your perspective and make their own choice.

Persuasive Essay Conclusion

Pro: In conclusion, plastic surgery may assist a wide range of people in their health or appearance issues. Do not look down on someone who had plastic surgery, for you may also need one someday.

Con: There can be nothing better than natural beauty. Do not have one, unless it is a lifesaving necessity. Learn to love yourself and do not follow any transient trends.

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