The Five Pillars of Successful Relationships

The Five Pillars of Successful Relationships

It’s hard to overestimate the role of relationships in our lives. We have relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, our families, society and the world. Relationships reflect how we are connected to other people. People can be connected by marriage, by interest, by blood, by friendship, by the common goal and their relationships may be based on love, joint goal or obligation. The quality of our relationships in many ways influences the overall quality of our lives. If we have good relationships with ourselves, our loved ones and the world then our life blossoms and on the other hand if we have problems with one or more sub-spheres of relationships then we will feel a different degree of discomfort.

But can we exist without relationships? If people weren’t able to engage in relationships then we wouldn’t have civilizations and the level of development that we’re having right now. They’re necessary both for our development and for our psychological well-being. Both interpersonal and global problems are rooted in poor relationships and we see many examples of such relationships around us. But how to create good relationships? Good relationships are based on five pillars:

  • Communication. The first pillar of excellent relationships is verbal communication. All of us have different needs and concerns and in order to understand each other, we need to spend enough time on verbal communication. It includes discussing feelings, ideas, expectations, dreams and hopes etc.   
  • Commonalities. The second pillar of good and healthy relationships is commonalities or similar objectives. Young people who are united by one goal of living a harmonious life together are united by this goal and similarly, two businessmen who want to build a huge business are united by their goal. Common goals can bring together completely different people.
  • Respect and Trust. The third and the fourth pillar go together because they’re difficult to separate from each other. Respect comes from admiring others person achievements, qualities and abilities and trust is belief in the reliability of the other person. Most of the time they go hand in hand, although sometimes there is respect in relationships, the trust may be lacking. Both are necessary for healthy relationships.
  • Hugs. If you have the four elements mentioned above then the desire to hug a person will naturally arise. It would mean that you have excellent relationships!

As you can see, good relationships aren’t supported by just one thing, but on the contrary, they consist of many elements. However, if we needed to choose just one element which can determine great relationships it would be love. Love is a characteristic, a certain attitude which influences the whole scope of relationships of a person. People often mix up love with attachment, but there’s a huge difference between the two. Love knows no conditions; love is about giving and selfless service. And when there are conditions it is not love – it is an agreement.

Thus, love is a fundamental thing in forming great relationships.

Relationships require constant attention and work and even if they are based on love and 5 pillars mentioned in the article, they can be destroyed if one is not taking care of supporting love and these 5 pillars. But this investment works great. The better your relationships are the happier your life will be!

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