The Peculiarities of Teaching Responsibilities and Role in Training and Education

The Peculiarities of Teaching Responsibilities and Role in Training and Education

The main aim, or role of a trainer or teacher, is helping the learners so that they can have the best platform for achieving their learning objectives. Nevertheless, within the role of trainer or teacher, the individual may be required to perform some other important and inevitable roles. The additional roles depend upon what type of their actual job role teachers have. For instance, a teacher may have the following roles:

  • Teacher has to teach and facilitate learning simultaneously.
  • Admin has to register learners.
  • Technician makes sure that ICT equipment is constantly working.
  • Logistics has to provide resources.
  • Assessor has to mark the works.

It is important to mention that within the role of teacher, several responsibilities should be accepted, especially if the teacher wants to celebrate the students’ achievements. As a matter of fact, if we decide to follow the learning cycle that was suggested by Gravells in 2014, it means that the teacher’s responsibilities consist of two stages.

  • Explanation of how the teaching role is connected with working together with other professionals

It’s no secret that teachers will be obliged to cooperate with a lot of other professionals in addition to their numerous learners. There is a high possibility of them working with fellow trainers or teachers, administration staff, caretakers, technicians, cleaning staff, and a big number of other roles which depend upon their organization. To illustrate, the teacher is likely to work with an ICT technician if there is a need for setting up equipment in order to deliver lessons in a successful way, or maybe arranging for a premises officer some tasks. However, it is not only the teacher who is considered to be responsible for the welfare of the students. To tell you the truth, there may be some other professionals that ought to respond for this.

  • Explanation of how not to overstep the boundaries of the teaching role, as well as other professional roles

There is no doubt that each teacher should be aware of his professional boundaries. What is more, it is necessary for him to have insight into the limits that are imposed on their teaching by these boundaries.

The teacher ought to be aware of in what way his actions can make an impact on the perception that other people within the organization have regarding both their organization and the teacher. Furthermore, they are required to dress accordingly, as well as act in a professional manner.

It is significant that a teacher has only professional relationships with his learners and doesn’t become overfriendly with them.

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