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«MOST Insurance: Internal Analysis»

Company Background

MOST Insurance has got its name from Bob Most who founded the company back in 1969 right after the graduation from the University of Tampa. What started as a two-person business has currently become the largest insurance provider in Florida, and the organization is growing slowly but constantly. Tampa Bay Area is the primary place of its operations; however, the company also works all around the state. Currently, it has around 7000 clients, and its annual revenue is around 1.5 million dollars. The agency’s success can be attributed to Bob Most’s personal and entrepreneurial skills, as well as the company’s implementation of modern technologies (United States, 2006).

After beginning the business as the door-to-door insurance sales, Bob Most published a yellow pages advertisement which became a next step for the agency. Over a period of time, the offline door-to-door marketing strategy has evolved into an online one. Currently, MOST Insurance implements the same idea, but on the Internet. Online door-to-door approach with the support of the word of mouth and local community, as well as active usage of modern technologies, work as a guarantee of the company’s stability.

MOST Insurance strongly relies on its IT department and employment of modern technologies as a part of its development strategy. Along with the computer-based website, the business has also introduced an online platform for mobile devices. Online services provided by the company are interactive and extremely advanced; thus, they allow customers conduct many insurance-related operations without even visiting MOST office. This option ensures higher level of flexibility for customers. Additionally, Claim’s Advocate is a service offered only by MOST Insurance, and it distinguishes the company from its competitors (United States, 2006).

Personalized insurance is the key element in MOST’s marketing strategy. The packages offered by the agency can be customized and are perceived as an “adjustable personal service”. The organization offers such options as business insurance, luxury home insurance, cyber liability insurance, auto/boat insurance, collection and wine insurance among others. The company also proposes general insurance packages, but it deliberately targets high-end market.

The Firm’s Structure

MOST Insurance has a vast on-line structure which contrasts with a relatively small number of employees. In fact, there are three owners and 16 employees (four of whom are part-time). Moreover, some of the workers are relatives, which creates quite a closed union at a workplace. MOST recruits people they are familiar with – either acquaintances or those from the church community. The company prefers training the individuals that its employees know; thus, personal referrals might be more important than experience in the industry.

Mission and Vision

The main goal of MOST Insurance is the provision of its customers with exceptional insurance experience. As the company is to a large extend based on local community, it sees extreme importance in conducting operations on the highest level in order to provide its customers with the best services. The business relies more on quality than on quantity of its operations; thus, the clients are treated on the finest possible level. Insurance acquisition and all the related operations turn the agency from the commodity into an outstanding experience. Only such a unique insurance practice stimulates people to share information about MOST, thus introducing the company to the potential customers.

The organization has a vision of service and integrity on the highest possible level – the one the CEOs and employees would expect for themselves. Therefore, both returning and new customers are treated in the same way as its members of staff would like to. Therefore, MOST Insurance is trying to avoid double standards in the process of service provision.


Some of the goals of MOST Insurance can be defined through the overview of the company’s mission, vision, corporate culture and operations. As a result, one can name the following aims:

  • Provision of the exceptional insurance experience.
  • Doing business without losing integrity.
  • Making a positive impact on the society.
  • Keeping successful business aligned with Christian values.
  • Keeping company’s technological advancement at a high pace.

Company Culture

As the majority of the MOST’s employees come from the same church community, Christian beliefs play an extremely important role in the company’s culture. One can say that Christianity has become its cornerstone. While conducting all operations and everyday activities, MOST workers are guided by a thought, “What would Jesus do?” Consequently, being from the same community makes it easier for MOST staff members to adjust to this 1st element of the agency’s culture.

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As it was already stated, MOST employees exist as a close union; therefore, they celebrate together some of the holidays. For example, each year there is a Christmas banquet that is held at a local pub. Interestingly, even during the holidays, MOST workers follow the “What would Jesus do” rule, and along with the celebrations, they work for the charity. These activities (for example, purchase of various items for women’s shelter) also serve as a kind of team building practice.

Being active is one of the main qualities encouraged in MOST Insurance. Constant development and evolution have also become part of the agency’s corporate culture. People are stimulated to be active and innovative, propose new things and search for new activities. Moreover, being open to change and development are important elements of MOST corporate culture, which has led the company to its current high level of technological development.

Technology and Development

Technologies play a significant role in MOST Insurance operations as company marketing is fully based on online door-to-door strategy. Moreover, the agency has introduced a really advanced online platform for computers and mobile devices, which allows customers to conduct numerous operations without even visiting their office. This high level of technological development is visible throughout the company. MOST CEOs are both technologically savvy and follow all the latest innovations. Although the organization does not have numerous staff, it still has full-time tech worker on board, which ensures smooth operation of all the company’s online applications. It is very important that MOST technological advancements allow the introduction of online interactive services, which make the firm more user-friendly.



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