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«In Pursuit of Happiness»

The movie “In Pursuit of Happiness” expresses various concerns that individuals face in relation to their places of work and employment status. Chris Gardner claims that he realized happiness after being offered a workplace, which was a representation of his dreams. Consequently, his living standards also improved. Similarly, numerous job seekers believe that they will achieve happiness once they are employed or accepted on the position they crave. At the beginning, the principle hindrance for achieving happiness is depicted as an insufficient income level. At the end, the elucidation comes with more remunerated job, although the protagonist’s marriage is ruined.

In reality, studies have shown that getting sustained satisfaction in life is not reliant on income level. It is evident that people consider other life aspects to be more important, including family and relationships (Warr, 2007). However, employment and income is one of the components that may explain happiness. When individuals obtain a satisfactory job, they may be happy, however, if they feel dissatisfied with the employment, they may seek happiness from other sources.

The theme of seeking happiness is common among individuals in Singapore. Individuals study hard so as to attain good grades that can enable them obtain a good job prospects. Upon being employed, they sacrifice their time and energy  in an attempt to be a beneficial asset to the organization (Benjamin, 2012). They perceive happiness to be a result of success or work performance. It is evident that happiness may not be a result of success. Rather, it is an enabler, which leads to success in individuals and organizations. The impression differs from the movie’s depiction. Therefore, happiness does not necessarily result from successful employment, but it is a factor that leads to success in organizations (Benjamin, 2012). Volunteering, like the protagonist did for six months, is a source of happiness. It involves performing acts of kindness (Benjamin, 2012). For instance, organizations like Apple and Google are involved in volunteering activities, and their employees have high levels of satisfaction and happiness.

Therefore, it is evident that the theory does not necessarily predict behavior. The theory expressed in the movie indicates that happiness emanates from obtaining a good job that raises an individual’s income level and living standards. However, there are cases where employees enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and happiness for a certain period of time, and gradually it disappears. It is usually in cases where the job becomes cumbersome, and exerts pressure on the individual. In such scenarios, people seek happiness and comfort in other aspects such as family. Therefore, with the protagonist in the movie having only his son as a family, his opportunity for  happiness is minimized as his wife has deserted him. Therefore, the theory does not depict what happens in reality.

There are various managerial consequences and implications in the movie. Jay agrees to have Chris ride with him in a cab and have him explain why he should receive the job. It is an action that gave him an opportunity to learn about the ability and skills that Chris possessed. He is amazed and offers Chris an opportunity to go for an interview. The second scenario is when Chris appears for the interview dressed in shabby clothes. Rather than focusing on the slovenly appearance, the manager states that during his initial meeting with Chris, he wore a suit. One of the interviewers asks Chris’ response to a situation where a shirtless man was offered a job. It results to the interviewers seeing Chris’ charisma and ability to interact with people. Consequently, they hire him as an intern, which is beneficial to both Chris and the organization.



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