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Introduction Many people around the world share the opinion that businesses, especially in the private sector, mainly focus on making profits. However, this is not always the case because many businesses have started initiatives as well as ...
Introduction Customers are viewed as the most significant element of business by the majority of organizations. Therefore, a customer service department provides an avenue for a company or a business to interact with its clients. More often than ...
Part 1: Learning from Cases and Class Discussion Mistakes in Firms I do not agree that it is impossible for a firm to avoid mistakes. This is because a company could easily elude errors in instances where it employs experts in each area. There is ...
Marketing is a critical determinant of an organization's overall success. Without a marketing strategy, it is hard for an organization to survive in the ever-competitive contemporary business environment. Marketing is the communication of a company ...
The Volkswagen emmissions scandal is one of the major corporate scandals of present days that has tainted the image of the company across the globe. VW admitted having equipped more than 11 million of its diesel vehicles with particular software ...

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