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«Listen to Your Customer: Comcast Customer Service Call »


Customers are viewed as the most significant element of business by the majority of organizations. Therefore, a customer service department provides an avenue for a company or a business to interact with its clients. More often than not, customer service representatives interact with customers who are disgruntled or require clarifications regarding the services or products offered by the company. Even though handling dissatisfied customers can be a challenge, the customer care representative at Comcast ought to have addressed the caller with decorum.

Question 1

The Comcast phone call presents a clear example of a situation where the customer care representative handled the client poorly. It is apparent from the conversation that the Comcast agent was not interested in helping the customer, the agent rather wanted to use this chance to obtain a review of the company’s product. All the caller wanted was to get disconnected and not to be questioned or be given alternative options. And while the representative’s intentions might have been good, he ended up irritating the clients and even strengthening their urge to get disconnected.

Also, the customer was barely given time to state his needs. The representative kept interrupting him with facts and assertions about how good Comcast is and how the idea to get disconnected is disadvantageous to the customer. The customer’s mind was even more made up after speaking to the representative because customer service should be about listening to the clients and not the opposite. Lastly, the facts in this case were rather limited. The customers were not interested in giving the company reasons for their disconnection. This does not mean that the representative should not have tried to figure it out from the phone call, but he did not have to insist on receiving a justification from the customer before approving the disconnection. In this case, the representative was too bent on hearing the facts that he forgot to actually pay attention to what really mattered,, which was the customer’s obvious dissatisfaction with the company.  

In order to handle such a call appropriately, the representative should have kept in mind the following three most important approaches that the customer agent must stay patient and settle disagreements, avoid interrupting the caller and listen keenly to the customer’s concerns. The customers had some grievances that led to their seeking disconnection. In this case, the best way to get the customer to open up would be to listen to him or her first and agree to fulfill the request. The representative should not have openly disagreed with the clients, trying to point out that they were wrong in requiring disconnection.

Question 2

The statement issued by Tom Karinshak was not entirely satisfying and was not commensurate with the damage caused by the phone call. While it was commendable that the company took the responsibility for unprofessional behavior of one of their customer service representatives, they were unable to explain why their employee acted the way he did. Instead, Tom Karinshak’s statement was based on a claim that Comcast customer service team is trained to handle their customers with respect. This leads one to question the effectiveness of this company’s training program for the customer care department. While it may be an isolated incident, it still raises questions about how well the company handles its employees. The call for investigation is even more disappointing. After listening to the phone call, it is rather clear that the customers were not treated with respect they deserved. Therefore, Tom Karinshak should have made a statement citing a disciplinary action against the employee rather than a call for investigation. The personal apology was, however, a great demonstration of the human touch. And, as for giving the customers something to appease them, the couple’s demand to get disconnected from Comcast services should be satisfied. The best way here for Tom Karinshak is to review the policy of establishing why the customers want to terminate Comcast services and use the collected information to improve the company’s services.


Customer service is more about listening to the clients and offering them the kind of assistance they need, with little pressure in terms of questions or demands. The Comcast customer care representative in this case was wrong and Tom Karinshak did well to admit this in his statement. However, the senior vice president of customer service should have stated a disciplinary action towards the agent rather than called for investigation. Such action would have empathized the company’s commitment to the high-quality customer service.



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