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Introduction The retail sector has been undergoing profound transformations for the last ten years and continues to expand with different changes being noted across its formation. Looking back ten years ago, introduction of radio frequency among ...
Cash flow statement has the advantage of not recording noncash items that do not directly involve transfer of money. Any potential investor may be interested in the cash flow statement because it tells whether an organization is able to generate ...
Introduction Bernie Madoff started a legitimate trade as a sole proprietor on stocks, being not listed on the New York Stock Exchange Market, in 1960s. He cooperated with other firms and his business gained prominence. However, in the 1990s, he ...
Introduction In explaining the association of the three macroeconomic variables, there is a need to give theoretical foundations of the variables. In a three-sector closed economy, there are only three players involved in the exchange of goods and ...
Protection of the environment of the USA should not be stringent because it is not fiscally sensible. Stringent environmental protection policies are retro progressive because they stifle the country’s economic growth by limiting the ...

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