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«Effects of the Civil War»

The Civil War in America took place amid 1861 and 1865. The war was declared by the seven states of the Deep South, joined by four of the upper South. These states formed the Confederate States of America and seceded from the Union. Similar to any other conflict, it had a number of effects both positive and negative. Both The Confederation and the Union were affected together with the country at large. The paper will focus on the Civil War to analyze and outline its effects.

One of the effects of the Civil War is families rising against one another. During the Civil War members of the families took different sides. It resulted in a major social issue among the members of the general public. The taking of sides created enmity to an extent of family members killing one another. The Civil War affected the society since it brought about the utilization of boy soldiers in the war front. It occurred when the southern troops felt that they were weak, and their numbers were decreasing (Donald et al. 145). They started to recruit young boys to join the fighting troops to increase their numbers. It resulted in deaths of youth, lack of education and development of a non-disciplined force. When the young boys joined the army, they were exposed to many social challenges that changed their lives negatively. Among them was an introduction to drug abuse and immoral behaviors such as raping and sexual harassment. The southern troops also became poorly clothed and equipped. The factor exposed many people to death and suffering.

The burning of the Richmond and Atlanta is another effect of the Civil War. During the incident, many people lost their property. Moreover, many innocent citizens including women and children died. The established infrastructure such as roads was also destroyed. This fact pulled the economy of the US backward.

Furthermore, diseases became a major challenge to the lives of human beings. Both the southern and the northern states concentrated all the resources in the war. It created minimal purchase of medical facilities such as medicine. Therefore, many people suffered from illness while others even lost their lives. Although the combat was brutal, many people died from lack of food and medical assistance. Life became hard both at home and war fronts due to insecurity, stress and lack of basic amenities. In the northern states, women were given the responsibility of managing businesses (Fellman et al. 25). Many of them lacked the experience hence leading to collapsing of many companies. On the other hand, women were left to man farm despite the fact that they lacked the know-how, exposure, and experience. These issues affected the whole country since they exposed all Americans to a shortage of food and a poor economy. Later, the South collapsed. It made the Confederate money worthless.

Although the Civil War has many adverse effects, it also has a number of positive ones. Among them, there is the founding of the Red Cross. Clara Barton was one of the active nurses during the Civil War. After the war, she created the Red Cross as a body to cater for the people who suffered during and after the war. The organization intended to offer a solution to both psychological and medical problems to the victims of the war. Another positive effect is that after the Civil War, racial discrimination came to an end, and Americans witnessed a black man taking a public office (Fuller 78).

We look at the problems in different ways depending on the area that one comes from. Many people take the problems as normal challenges that come during the war. They note no importance in the problems of the ones who suffered. On the other side, the communities that were experiencing discrimination before the Civil War, look at the issues as the price of freedom.



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