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Edgar Allen Poe has written many literatures that have put a celestial stamp on stories of horror and mystery genre. One of the theses stories is “The Tell-Tale Heart”. The story was first published in the first issue of James Russell ...
William Shakespeare’s “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?” is a great work of art that lets a reader imagine what the author was thinking and what feelings arose when he was in love. Shakespeare wanted to demonstrate the ...
Ragged Dick, written by Horatio Alger, focuses on a young boy who has achieved success. The protagonist of this Bildungsroman is regarded as a bright example of how poor, but ambitious and talented people become successful. The story relates to the ...
In stories or life scenarios depicted in movies and performances, irony can be approached from different angles. It ranges from how characters illustrate it to the audience, what they say about a given scenario of the plot to the setting of a ...

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