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«Foundations of Human Resource Management: Arup Packaging Limited»

Arup Packaging Limited experiences the time of promising new opportunities after starting its work with the European markets. However, it also presupposes that the managers work harder in order to satisfy new clients and make the future sales grow. Currently, the company works only for the Australian market and produces several types of packaging in big amounts. Nevertheless, the European market will require greater diversity of products, and, thus, Arup needs to be ready to meet this challenge. To accomplish this task successfully, the organization should hire a team of resourceful employees as soon as possible. Accordingly, HR managers has to confront a crucial challenge, which is to organize a new functional department and recruit about 150 factory workers for the new European Packaging section in less than 5 months. The leadership has decided that the company will try to attract more women and young (18-24 years old) candidates, which is an unprecedented practice as the vast amount of Arup's current workforce are middle-aged employees. HRs need to choose the appropriate recruitment practices to reach the needed group of employees and, also, decide on incentives and benefits for the new members of the staff in order to encourage them to deliver the products of the highest quality to customers.

Question 1

As long as the biggest part of the current workers include middle-aged men, locals do not see Arup's vacancies as suitable for the youth and women. If the company wants to change this situation and attract new candidates of other age categories (females and young individuals), the proper thing to do is to create a portrait of workers wanted by stating their age, interests and priorities. The crucial moment is to predict why the needed categories of employees would want to join Arup and what advantages such work can give them. Uggerslev, Fassina & Kraichy (2012) describe 7 categories of applicant’s attraction predictors: job characteristics (the work and compensation), organizational characteristics (company’s image, familiarity with the applicant, its location and size), recruiter’s behaviours, peculiarities of the recruitment process, perceived fit (applicants’ perceptions of how well they suit the job and organization), perceived alternatives (availability of alternative employment opportunities), hiring expectancies (applicants’ perceptions of how likely it is to receive a job offer from the company). Obviously, it is important to analyze each of them. Subsequently, it requires a connection between the main values of each group and the opportunities that the employment gives. Numerous researches confirm that value congruence between a candidate (employee) and the organization plays a crucial role in employee’s future working achievements, adherence and productivity (Yu 2014).

Regarding the applicants aged 18-24 years, they are likely to be students of the local colleges or universities. Their main values are freedom and wish to feel mature and independent. Employment at Arup Packaging Limited provides financial independence, working experience and mature environment. Additionally, such type of work offers appealing advantages, including absence of previous work experience and flexible schedule, which allows to combine work and studying. Considering the fact that the youth constantly surfs the Internet, the most convenient way to attract such candidates is to use social media. Therefore, it is advisable to apply targeted advertising in Facebook or Twitter . Another fruitful practice concerns using the web sites of the local universities and colleges to post the information about work opportunities. Such method can also be efficient as students frequently visit this type of web sites.

To attract women to Arup, it is important to think of their requirements in terms of work conditions and design a strategy to meet them. Family is usually the first priority for any woman. Thus, the HR should make the position suitable for this category of candidates. The first thing is shift schedule, which many women can see as a constraint on working in this particular company. However, it is essential to present this aspect as an advantage, because shift work means more free time in a certain period of the day. Accordingly, females can opt for morning shifts in order to be at home in the second half of the day, thereby spending more time with children after school. Moreover, if Arup could provide an option of part-time work, it would also increase a number of women and the youth in the company. For women, part-time working (less than 35 hours per week) may be a logical solution to the work-life balance and a convincing argument to join the Arup team (Charlesworth & Whittenbury 2007). Furthermore, HR should determine the sources of information that are trustworthy among local women and promote the job opportunities through them. It may include local TV, radio or printed media and job boards with a range of advertisements. One more way to attract specific types of candidates is to spur the current employees’ to make references to the available positions. The company should announce this opportunity and ask people to recommend their friends or family members willing to work for Arup (Heathfield 2017).

Question 2

According to the case materials, factory workers do not need any specific education. The company provides the training for its employees, and, thus, educational backgrounds will not be a crucial aspect. The previous working experience is not obligatory yet preferable. General knowledge and experience with tools are two decisive categories that can influence the recruiter’s decision. Physical characteristics are more important - being fit and healthy is one of the main requirements, as the work is demanding in terms of physical strength. Candidates need to be extremely attentive to details and take the safety requirements seriously. It is also important to be a team player, as the company values team work, and eager to learn as well as develop their skills in different types of production.

Question 3

The most common selection methods that HRs use are:

  • Testing (personality, physical abilities, skills etc.)
  • Gathering Information
  • Interviewing

Referring to the previous section, the most important criteria are personal qualities and physical abilities. Accordingly, every candidate should provide a health record document proving that they are suitable for the position. Additionally, an interviewer can identify the personal qualities with the help of tests or some creative assessments to see how the potential employee works in a team and communicate with other people. For instance, modelling a real life situation can show how each applicant acts in the conditions typical for the working environment. The assessments “are valid, fair, legally defensible, and acceptable to candidates and other stakeholders in a wide variety of jobs” (Thornton & Gibbons 2009, p. 183). It is reasonable to utilize such method at the final stages of job interviews, as it requires time and human resources. Also, such tests as MBTI and meta-testing help to determine people’s personality. To save the time and working resources, it’s better to use its on-line versions.

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Concerning the last criteria, which are the attention to details and ability to adhere to the company’s policies, it is important to mention that as a rule, the individual possesses these two qualities concurrently as they belong to the same psychological group. In fact, one can measure such capacities through the special testing designed to check the candidate’s concentration abilities. Thus, those who pass it show the high level of attentiveness to details and are more likely to take all safety rules seriously.

Question 4

Since incentives are performance related pay, it is recommended to connect them to the crucial working processes. Moreover, it is important to choose the right criteria for each incentive. “Criteria for the incentive should be measurable and aligned with the strategy of the organization, an incentive should be logically sequenced and employees should be rewarded as soon as they succeed” (Sezer 2011, p.10). Obviously, taking safety rules seriously is one of the main requirements for the Arup worker. The results of researches presented in the article “Effects of staff bonus systems on safety behaviors” show that setting motivating incentives for adherence to safety rules is likely to encourage employees to be more attentive as to keeping the manufacturing process safe. However, the main point of such practice is to make workers understand the significance of safety measures in the working environment. (Mattson, Torbiorn & Hellgren 2014). Therefore, Arup’s HRs can set a monthly remuneration or non-monetary bonus to the employees (or teams) who did not violate safety rules. It must be also clear what type of behaviour leads to receiving the bonus: “In an incentives-based safety program, feedback can take on many forms, from informational to monetary. When rewards are offered, however, they must be tailored to a specific set of safety behaviors” (Permuth & Gazica 2014, p.5). The bonus can be in the form of a fixed sum of money or be dependent on the individual’s salary. Another powerful incentive is an increased salary depending on the qualification. Moreover, among all the incentives schemes, “performance-related pay was positively associated with job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and trust in management” (Ogbonnaya, Daniels & Nielsen 2017). Thus, offering such incentive will motivate employees to learn something new and develop their professionalism.

As long as the company wants to attract youth and women, the benefits must be especially valuable for these two groups. For example, interesting corporate events and training sessions have a positive effect on building discipline and team spirit. Arup can organize entertaining outdoor events for its young employees, Christmas parties for the employees’ children, and beneficial training courses for self-development. Another benefit that can entice potential employees is organizing a mentoring program for young specialists and those who want to build a career in Arup. Such offer will be attractive for young ambitious people, and the company will have a chance to develop future managers who know all aspects of company’s functioning from the very beginning. As for women, it is very important to have an opportunity of seek-leaves , because several researches have shown that “ill health and informal care roles are important determinants of mid-life women’s ability to remain engaged in paid work” (Austen & Ong 2013, p.675). Moreover, such perks and benefits as rewarding excellent performance, paid vacations for studying (for students), medical insurance for the employees and their families, childcare vouchers and pension schemes are also worth considering.

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To summarize, Arup Packaging Limited has 5 months to achieve all set goals, including attracting the needed number of employees and organizing the manufacturing process. The chances to succeed are very high, as the team of determined managers undertook the responsibility for the implementation of all tasks. The main recommendations –are to set the clear goals and priorities, choose responsible executives for each aim, use the above outlined methods and approaches and introduce rewarding practices to boost productivity of employees. All these steps will result in the successful opening of the new manufacturing plant and lead to the prospective work in the European market.



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