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«Health Care Industry»

The quality of life and the health care industry have improved over the last ten years significantly. The important technical advances in medicine have helped many people to stay healthy and alive in comparison to the past decades. Thus, the developments would be useless unless they were delivered to people, which is why the role of the health care professionals is extremely important. However, the most important change that occurred is related to the health care delivery system through the public policy. It includes certain changes that are beneficial and not. The Medicare Part D creation, that took place in 2006, has helped those individuals who had no drug coverage. The Affordable Care Act that is also known as “Obamacare” was intended to help those patients who have poor insurance or low income. The negative feature is that the cost of health care has increased almost twice for the last 10 years. Technical progress and public policies that have been adopted in the recent decade have a downside that is the cost increase (Pruchnicki, 2014).

I think that during the next decade the majority of changes related to the health care industry will be connected with technological progress and invention of the long-awaited drugs against some deceases. The population of the planet is increasing which means that amount of patients will also be bigger, but this will lead to the innovations through the competitive spirit and further increase in costs. However, I sincerely hope that economy of the world would be better in the future, and health care industry can afford to help people free, even those who do not have insurance.

I must say that I am very proud to be a worker of a health care industry as I have always dreamt to help people in any way I can. Now I work as a receptionist at the Girling Community Care, but I would like to continue my professional career and I am currently receiving my Bachelor of Science in Health Administration. I would like to be a Health Care Administrator as I am a leader by nature and keen to work in health care management.

Leadership has always appealed much to me as I impede other people from doing things that they think must be done in their way. It is critical that a health care administrator has knowledge how to recognize the inherent powers as the professionals need to influence, change, and make difference in health policy. I would like to put all the efforts to maintain and establish high-quality standards in this sphere to make sure that they are in place. My leadership skills will help the industry to evolve in a better way.

I can definitely say that my perception of the health care has significantly changed to a more positive way during the course. I am looking at the health care industry from another perspective, and now I understand that sometimes receiving a positive result requires not only knowledge and skills, but also leadership qualities and patience. One of the most significant courses was the one titled “Public and Community Health Legal Issues in Health Care: Regulation and Compliance”, as lawsuits that are related to the allegation in low professional services are not that rare cases nowadays.

Technology will occupy one of the most important roles in the next decade, as clinicians will be able to obtain more information and armamentarium just from the computer screens. This means that technology will become less invasive to human body (for example, now we have magnetic resonance, echo, and positron emission tomography) and will provide more information to the doctors which was not revealed before. Risk assessment will be improved with the help of genetic fingerprinting or DNA chip technology, and this knowledge will help other technologies to extend the life. Thus, the humanity is more likely to face a range of serious ethical issues.

The efficiency of health care treatment will be also improved with the help of electronic technologies. Billing will be tied to electronic medical records. Electronic system will enable the physicians to dictate the medical treatment and the specially designed software program will analyze it further. This will reduce complexity and cut on a number of unneeded procedures and bureaucratic filing. Technology will reduce costs, save lives, and help to make further innovations (Mann, 2009). This means that technology will become an integral part of a health care industry, and the latter mentioned will probably be unable to function without it.

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Unfortunately, the health care system is suffering from the increased level of expenses nowadays and this problem is not likely to be eliminated in the next 10 years. The first reason of that is the innovative processes and technologies, and the second one is related to malpractice of the lawsuits. The other reason is related to the hidden costs as the majority of the patients do not pay cash for the health care services. The researchers claim that by 2030 the Medicare costs will be covered only for 38% by payroll taxes (Amadeo, 2014). Moreover, the economy of the United States will also face certain issues and challenges, as due to increases of financial expenses in health care industry, over the period of 2014 and 2019 the government must spend around $439 billion that is about 0.4 percent of GDP. This will lead to increase of spending and new working places creation. Thus, the technological progress and innovations will trigger wages increase, which means that budget reduction in other governmental programs might take place (Holahan, 2010).



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