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Summarize How HPC standards 2a.1 – 2a.4 Apply to Your Current Role

The standards from 2a.1 to 2a.4 help me to understand how to deal with the standards, procedures and principles throughout my placement at Dorevich Pathology in Werribee Mercy Hospital. Some of these standards require me to discuss the various principles and procedures, which I conduct during my placement tenure. It is due to the availability of these standards that I have gained enough confidence to explain what I learn from my placement experience at the hospital; for example, the standard 2a.3 requires explaining a technique that I followed correctly during the placement. This standard also assists me to summarize the technique which I use for preparing and processing the specimens of particular tests.

During my placement at Dorevich Pathology in Werribee Mercy Hospital, I find the HPC standards discussing different aspects; this is particularly true for the standards 2a.1 and 2a.2. These standards provide the knowledge on handling different sorts of incidents which could occur with the specimens and also guide on how to avoid such incidents. Moreover, the standard 2a.2 requires me to explain the test results and provide comparison between the two tests methods which are performed in the laboratory.

In short, the above discussed standards provide me with self confidence for explaining the work I conduct and techniques I apply in the laboratory during my placement. At present, I work independently and continue practicing with some other laboratory techniques, which would help in achieving my goals.

Summarize How HPC Standards 2b.1-2b.5 Apply to Skills Required of Your Scope of Practice

The HPC standards 2b.1 – 2b.5 help me to express the knowledge and skills that I gained from my professional placement at the Dorevitch Pathology in Werribee Mercy Hospital. The HPC standard 2b.2 describes how I should use the knowledge I gained, and how to apply the same in the laboratory. This standard also describes how the skills which I acquired in the laboratory could assist me to work independently. The same standard also applies when I have to express and describe the information technology skills that I acquired from my placement at Werribee laboratory. The knowledge of information technology boosted up my confidence when I wrote this standard.

The HPC standard 2b.3 describes the situations of incident that could occur during my placement and what actions would be required to avoid such a situation. This standards reminded me about a situation which occurred during the first three months of my placement; the incident helped me to learn troubleshooting the issues and how to avoid the same issues in future.

The HPC standard 2b.4 assists me to express my knowledge and skills of a procedure that was used in Werribee laboratory. This standard helps me to remember the methodologies related to health and safety, reagent preparation, prioritization, quality control, sample storage and disposal, result interpretation as well as the possible sources of error. This standard provides significant help to write and summarize a procedure that I performed, and to describe all the previous actions regarding that procedure.

The last HPC standard 2b.5 helps me to express my knowledge about what to do when an error occurs, and what should be the first step to handle it. This standard also provides guidance on what to do when an inadequate sample is received in the laboratory. In addition, the standard also provides an insight about the consequences which could occur as a result of various situations.

Summarize How HPC Standards 2c.1-2c.2 Apply to Your Scope of Practice.

The HPC standards 2c.1 – 2c.2 help me in expressing my knowledge and skills that I gained from my professional placement at Dorevitch Pathology in Werribee Mercy Hospital. With the help of HPC standard 2c.1, I became  able to observe the differences between the internal quality control and the external quality assurance.This assists me to understand why all the medical sectors, especially laboratory, require an accreditation for the standards that are performed in the laboratory. Moreover, this standard assists me to be familiar with the quality control methodologies that are used in the laboratory, and describes the essentials of using these controls.

The HPC standard 2c.2 provided me with adequate knowledge on how to express my skills that I gained from the placement at Werribee laboratory, and to understand the necessity of recording each standard I conducted in the laboratory. Through this standard, I also become able to maintain an effective audit trail and to work towards continual improvement. This standard also helps me in recognizing the value of case conferences and other methods of review, and explaining the benefits of a case review.

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Summarize How HPC Standards 3a.1 – 3a.3 Apply to Your Scope of Practice

During my placement at Dorevitch Pathology in Werribee Mercy Hospital, the HPC standard 3a.2 assists me to express knowledge that I gained from my training in the laboratory, and provides me with the ability to explain different techniques and procedures which I performed in the laboratory. Furthermore, the HPC standard 3a.2 increases my knowledge and skills in situation of development which helps to accommodate large number of the patient samples.

I explain my knowledge that I gained from my placement at the Werribee laboratory by thorough using of the HPC standard 3a.3 for the health, safety and security.  Moreover, on this standard, I cross over my knowledge regarding health, safety and security to explain the common risks that could occur in the laboratory; the guidance on preventing these risks is also provided through the standard 3a.3. This standard provides me with the ability to understand different health and safety rules in the laboratory and what action needs to be taken if any incident occurs.

The HPC 3a.3 standard assists me to understand and differentiate between two types of wastes inside the laboratory. This helps me to recognize the sorting and elimination ways for these hazardous materials. The standard also helps me on how to apply my knowledge and skills in case some unusual situation occurs in the laboratory, for example, fire.



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