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«The Class that Changed My Life»

Aspiring to become a physical therapist, I took a class in psychology. It is important to understand the reasons behind the way people behave before embarking on treatment or any therapy. The psychology class was an eye opener for me since I learnt that there are many factors that dictate the behavior of people. Psychology is a broad field; the class content was narrowed to developmental and cognitive psychology. For both a personal caregiver and a physical therapist, it is significant to have knowledge about the behavior of the client. Assessing the symptoms that a client has is the first step towards a healthy relationship with him/her. It would be dangerous without the knowledge of the client’s psychology to try administering the treatment. I realized this after taking the class. The class was very enjoyable and marvelous experience to all of us, the students. Most of the students expressed awe to see how much one can learn about another person through the study of family history as well as symptoms. The most amazing impact that this class had on me is that I started appreciating the learning process, and it ignited my desire to know more about human beings. The psychology class was a life-changing class for me.

At first, I thought of becoming a personal caregiver, and I did not think it would be important to explore in learning. However, by the end of the semester, I had changed my ideas about studying and education. I learnt that the best way to offer quality services to clients was to have adequate knowledge. Apart from the knowledge of the clients’ problems, studying psychology taught me that information is very valuable. Before diagnosing a client, it is essential to take into considerations every small detail that is associated with them. In that case, it is important for me to study the basics of various subjects so that I can understand the correlation between different things. Learning has become part of me since then. I just cannot explain how much the psychology class has inspired me to study.

At the beginning of the class, most of us were prejudiced about it. The question in the minds of the majority of students was “What can we take from developmental psychology?” It could hardly make sense that personal caregivers and physical therapists are studying psychology. As a result, people were not interested in the class. The attendance at the first two classes was low, and people could hardly pay attention. It appeared to be a waste of our precious time. Amazingly, the tutor in this class was very robust. She was radiating energy and never showed signs of neither discouragement nor agitation. I could not understand how a tutor of such a boring course could manage a smile and seem to accommodate the rude attitude from students. Students had a killing attitude. If I were in the shoes of the tutor, I could wish to call of the class.

Little by little, students changed their opinion about the course. It is not clear whether it is the curriculum of the course or the ability of the tutor that brought the change. Before we were half-way to finish the course, the class attendance was amazing. Every student tried to arrive in time for the class. The class participation was also impressing. Every student was attentive and actively participated in discussions and debates. Everything about the class became enjoyable. The tutor maintained the same positive radiation as if she was saying “I knew you would like it”. It became the most favorite class of the semester. The revolution in students as a source of motivation to all and the course content was great to say the least.

Developmental psychology deals with the human development across different stages and behavior associated with every stage. Therefore, the class gave us the knowledge about different stages of human beings. This means that after taking this course, it became simpler to understand other courses that relate to individual human stages. For example, those classes that deal with anxiety disorder in the youths or with child anxiety disorder are simpler to take with the knowledge of developmental psychology. The explanations that developmental psychology offers regarding different behaviors help in understanding some concepts of other classes. Therefore, apart from motivating me to study, this class also made learning easier. The effect of development psychology class was felt by not only me; all of my classmates attest the same experience. From that semester onwards, learning has become a joy to most of us.

In conclusion, developmental psychology class changed my life. Before taking this course, I used to get irritated by the slightest provocation. I could not understand why people behaved the way they did. I could hardly enjoy learning, nor did I have the ambition to study further. The curriculum of the class incorporates concepts from other classes. This incorporation helps students to understand easily other classes. I could find it difficult to comprehend some issues before, but after taking this class, I read the concepts from other fields and understood them with ease. The curriculum also challenged students to think beyond what they get from the materials. This challenge made me dig deep in observation and come to form the links between real life behaviors and developmental theories. The different psychology classes are essential in all learning contexts.



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