Excellent Custom «The Fruits of My Labor» Free Essay

«The Fruits of My Labor»

One day you finally knew/ what you had to do, and began” (Oliver 1-2). These sincere words confirm that it is important to realize the precise goals in every part of life in time, especially in studying. During this English course, I tried to work hard completing all the essays based on different but vital topics that completely changed my mind and the general perception of the world. The studying process was not easy as it demanded much persistence and diligence in order to get a desirable result in reading and writing.

Evaluating my work, I know that there are no boundaries and limitations for perfection, but I fulfilled everything what I had to do regularly participating in the class discussions and preparing all the necessary assignments. Frankly speaking, I am a shy person, and it can be difficult for me to start expressing my thoughts and ideas. In such a way, I kept silent at times, coping with my inner feelings and emotions. Also, it was one period when I could not attend classes because I was very sick. Due to my illness, I missed some classes, but I continued working at home as I knew that it was a precious time.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” (Teaching Quotes n.p.). From the very beginning of the term, I could not even assume that literature would make me a real personality, having a great impact on my attitude to life and its meaning. Before, I did not appreciate life as itself, not paying attention to the surrounding world and other people who could need some immediate assistance or ordinary human support. Such a fascinating story as Hawk by William Wallis showed me that every person can change his/ her fate despite a numerous amount of the difficulties he/ she encounters since childhood. The author revealed his own life, opening his heart and soul to millions of people in order to demonstrate that everyone can struggle against the society and some norms that seem to be unchangeable. Moreover, I think that William Wallis deserves respect of the humankind as he was so strong that he dared to share his sacred things and sufferings with the whole world. This unusual example illustrates that reality is cruel, but it is no need to give up living and enjoying life in an appropriate way. Besides, this masterpiece depicts that some people do not possess either moral or spiritual values, insulting those who are less protective. Thus, I understood that such traits of character as kindness and compassion must always exist on the earth in order to save human lives.

Poetry became an essential part of my life as it made me observe the world in a new way, noticing that even some minor issues can be significant for everyone. One Moment More by William Wallis made me discover that literature and life are based on mindfulness, showing that there are no everlasting things, and every person is between life and death. Moreover, it is obvious that most people cannot appreciate anything in life, missing the most valuable events, which will never happen again. Nowadays, a young generation prefers to use new technologies instead of communicating with relatives or reading a good book. Nevertheless, every man has one more chance to alter his attitude to life as he can either “take control or be controlled” (Ea n.p.) according to his right actions and deeds.

Summing up, I enjoyed studying English during this course as I learned many new things about the concepts of life and its importance. Literature influenced my perception of the world, and writing helped me understand that I can express my hidden thoughts putting the sacred words on a simple sheet of paper. Thus, I suppose that thanks to my diligence and my incredible professor named Dr. William Wallis, I finished this course successfully.



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