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«UK Foreign Policy»

The governmental structure on United Kingdom's foreign affairs is called Foreign & Commonwealth Office and exists as a ministerial department.  As its official website determines, the main aim of Foreign Office is to promote the Kingdom's interests overseas and to support the UK citizens and businesses around the world.  The UK foreign policy is performing in accordance with international law and world standards of international relations conducting.

In a broad sense, intended audience of website are potential and existing British citizens, people who live in UK, British nationals abroad, and all who are related or interested in British Foreign Policy. The site provides information for British nationals who live, travel, or visit another country in any professional or personal issues and needs for UK government support. There is a great base of legal information for any civil or business affairs here. All sources of the site’s information are governmental: official press releases, public records, civil servants’ and minister’s statements and publications, government departments’ and agencies’ reports, government forms and codes of practice, and legislative framework.

We cannot say that information published on the site is biased because it displays official state policy in accordance with the state’s priorities and interests. One of the aims of the site‘s work is expanding of UK positive image all over the world. This governmental site is one of the most important instruments for implementation of informational policy in foreign affairs area. Site includes special promotional material for local authorities and civil service that displays successful work and developing of state agencies. However, the publicity materials are named as such, and site determines the appointment of these materials (Army Reserve: publicity materials). All materials about state agencies work are in positive light. These informing papers structure all steps of the agencies activity. So, the website’s information is filed in accordance with the principles of tolerance and transparency. It is advocacy free and does not include any incorrect statements in relation to states or individuals. The site’s content is comprehensive: you can find here full information about FO work and response for the main world events. You may find such information in press-releases where it determines UK state officials’ position about these events. Besides, visitors may find here full information about procedure of document legalization, passport applying, statistics in foreign area, travel advices, getting benefits, scheme of governmental regulation in civil and foreign issues, and how it is possible to be involved in government foreign policy.

UK government achieves the effectiveness of foreign policy through the diplomacy use, by principles of negotiating and influencing. The site informs us about the main foreign policy priorities. The first one is the principle of safeguarding Britain’s national security by the fight against terrorism and weapons proliferation. The second one is increasing exports and investment, promoting sustainable growth, free markets and opening access to natural resources to grow UK’s prosperity. The third one is about supporting British nationals abroad through opening special services.

 Basing on the site’s information we may say that regarding EU, UK implements the principle of «balance of competences», which determines that the aspects of UK foreign policy are increasingly independent from the same aspects of EU. This must lead to sector-specific foreign policy by EU and the UK (EU balance of competences review: transport call for evidence). The main vector for cooperation of UK is American vector. Closer cooperation with the USA determines the aim of further military, economic and political growth of the UK. Among the main friendly to the UK states are also India, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as partners in Commonwealth. UK provides assistance to India in issues of reducing poverty, liberalizing markets, and gives an economical support that may help India to become a global influential state. Great Britain provides ongoing economic support to its 14 overseas territories and to friendly states, what increases their potential and positively influences on investment climate on these territories. Besides, these actions strengthen the global position of the dollar and promote economic development all over the world.

As for the non-friendly states, they are the states which remain hotbeds of instability or/and international terrorism in the world – the states of Middle East - Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, ISIL, Israel/Hezbollah. Russia seems to be neither an enemy nor a friendly state, because of geopolitical opposition. There is also confrontation between the UK and Argentine due to Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute. Spain is also UK opponent state because of Gibraltar conflict.

The most important UK political issues for now are Ukraine crisis settlement, struggle with Ebola virus dissemination, ISIL counter, keeping the UK safe against terrorism and safeguarding the cyber space, non-proliferation of nuclear weapon, establishing stability in Afghanistan, and reducing crime in the world.

So, the website of UK Foreign Office deeply reveals foreign policy vectors and main state concerns. There is a wide informational base of policies in the sphere of national interests’ realization. It is published on the site regular reports about the foreign policy issues and results of the state’s agencies’ work.

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Concluding, the website gives the detailed information about the steps due to main international problems solving (Keeping the UK safe in cyber space). Many reports, which summarize results of foreign agencies work, are published there. We must admit that Great Britain spent a lot of efforts and money to promote solving these problems. However, the most of these problems are staying and increasing. Thus, we may judge about effectiveness of UK foreign policy only from issues which do not depend on external environment. «External environment» means here «global events and processes that actually are out of control».



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