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«How Can Technologies Help in Preventing Terrorist Attacks?»

Lately terrorist attacks are reported almost every week. The majority of the news stories and results by researchers indicate that terrorism is indeed a martyrdom that has gained traction as an efficient way of expressing political dysfunction and ideology. It should be noted that the tech companies work together with the law enforcement agencies to thwart and prevent the attacks. However, the level of technology employed in the intelligence and military agencies is the cause of concern, as the terrorists are aware of the little data concerning the war features that the military has at its disposal. It is vital to have in-depth knowledge of the technologies that can help thwart the attacks. Therefore, technologies can aid in preventing terrorist attacks by ensuring the use of big data, searching for patterns in the language and activity of terrorists, and focusing on the wider ecosystem of terrorism through the employment of prediction software.

Use of Big Data by Technologies

First of all, the use of big data is significant in preventing terrorist attacks as it enables the scientists and political scientists to access the enormous volumes of information about things, people, and their interactions. Different groups state that maintaining big data is beneficial as it identifies the phone logs, social media interactions, digital traces, and government data. Investigations have proved that big data helps in transforming the way people perceive culture and communications, a situation that will help to comprehend the movements of the terrorists (Cukier, and Viktor 28). Moreover, the use of big data will enable the government surveillance systems to identify the attackers, their plans, and the manner in which they operate. These elements lay the foundation for big data which rests in the interaction of machinery. In this, the military can rely on the data to initiate extensive research and analysis to understand the motives and background of the attacks. Therefore, the use of big data by the military establishes the predictions and patterns of the vulnerable populations, which also helps to dismantle the terrorist networks (Cukier, and Viktor 29).

Technology is used in the modern times to store information. The internet has made it simpler to obtain such information because every device has an IP address. As many devices connect to the internet, extra information is stored. Investigators in the regulatory departments use this data to identify the plans of terrorists. In other words, more data is stored online as many people connect to the internet where they express their concerns about particular issues. In this, the internet has increased efficiency of law enforcement officers in controlling online data. The practices employed by the researchers also encompass monitoring, identification, location tracking, and surveillance of the specific networks. Security experts indicate that these services intercept phone signals and the network services, making it possible to get hold of the attackers before they execute their violent plans (Cukier, and Viktor 30). Therefore, the use of big data gives the opportunity to collect and monitor information in satellites, speeches, videos, and news to establish the services that relate to terrorism.

Search for the Language and Activity of Terrorists

Technologies can help in preventing terrorist attacks by searching for the language and patterns of terrorists. The use of technology to spot the trends occurring in the attacks is a possible way of preventing new attacks from happening. Many researchers use computer simulations to display the acts of the unofficial groups such as the supporters of the attackers or the attackers themselves (Parmar 370). The growth of the social media enables them to display their events in preparation for the violent crimes. In addition, terrorists use social networking sites to decide on the time when a future violent attack will happen. Therefore, the law enforcement officers make criminal investigations by using computer simulations to identify the terrorist plans and to destroy them. Studies follow the comments found on social media such as Twitter (Parmar 371). They utilize the messages and even make follow-ups to the comments of particular individuals or groups in other networking sites such as Facebook. They predict the opponents and supporters of the attacks and use data-mining techniques to determine the period when the violent attacks are about to take place.

The analysis software is used by some researchers to display the language patterns of the attackers before the act of violence occurs. The terrorist groups use a different language; hence, the investigators should be aware of the meaning or choice of vocabulary employed in the period before the incident. For instance, some terrorists may use certain language that may not directly point to violent attacks. In this, the police have the potential to use simplistic ways to view the world. Some sentences or words are often too short, which requires cognitive complexity. As a result, the linguistic software is used to detect the language patterns of the Islamic extremist groups to comprehend the clues in the texts. The collocation method is also employed to determine the strength of the relationship between specific words. The investigators use the method to determine if the concepts or words of the attackers portray places or people in a negative or positive way. For instance, some names may be related to agentry of the enemies, which could be referred to as heroic in the messages by the attackers (Qin et al., 74). The method, therefore, identifies the people who talk about contempt and violence or places where they do it. For instance, some words such as “kill”, “attack”, or “target” are employed by terrorists when referring to a violent attack. Therefore, the software is used to identify the areas where such words are used, suggesting that there might be a probability of danger.

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The Prediction Software

Technologies focus on the wider ecosystem of terrorism by using the prediction software to prevent attacks. In this, the investigators are careful not to include their personal and political situations that are likely to drive the violent acts. Usually, there must be some terror-related situation for an attack to occur. Researchers indicate that they use prediction software which captures the online communications of the terrorists (Qin et al., 74). Other communicative behaviors are measured through the level of anxiety or stress, which also detects the patterns connected with the deception. Some prediction software includes the use of infrared scanners and sensors, as well as other imaging technologies to recognize the changes in the faces of people, body language, and the movements of the eye. This type of technology is also used in the airports to detect people with the intent to conduct attacks. The thermal imaging technology is another prediction method that identifies the patterns of heat around the people who intend to deceive the investigators. Researchers note that the method is appropriate in identifying the violent tools hidden by air travelers (Johns et al., 211). 

The prediction software is used by researchers to fight the attackers. The intelligent software solutions in the recent past have employed the use of this method. The software pinpoints the high-risk areas, enabling the law enforcement forces to increase security in the regions. The prediction software has the capacity to hold information on all violent attacks that have occurred. The governments are allowed to access the data and share it, leading to improved communications between countries. Specialists using the technology can analyze and establish the patterns and trends of future attacks. They can also identify the types of explosives used and predict the modus operandi, as well as engage in the preparation for the future violent acts (Johns et al., 210).


However, some people believe that technology should not be used to prevent terrorism. They claim that the governments spend a lot of funds on curbing violent efforts, funds that can be used to boost the nation’s economy. The opponents believe that terrorists are clever; thus, it is difficult for the governments to comprehend their tactics. However, the rise of technology has led to the establishment of accurate techniques that reveal the plans of attackers even before they conduct them. Furthermore, if their opinion is considered, terrorists will kill thousands of people, putting the nations into a fearful state (Cutter, Richardson, and Wilbanks 110). People might flee from their countries to live in areas where technology to counter terrorism is employed. Thus, technology is important in preventing terrorism as it involves powerful software that is useful in detecting the violent plans.

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In conclusion, technology has helped to curb terrorism in the recent past by employing powerful tools such as prediction software and actions involving surveillance. The use of big data and the search for language and patterns of the terrorists is essential in preventing future attacks. Even though some people believe that it cannot prevent terrorism, it is clear that the terrorists use the internet to plan their attacks. Therefore, the intelligence agencies together with the law enforcement officers should come up with more technological ways of thwarting terrorism.



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