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“Black-ish” is a sitcom that depicts the lives of Dre Johnson and his family. Dre has all the traps that come with being successful. He has a good job as an advertising executive, a beautiful home in an upmarket neighborhood, a gorgeous ...
Q1: Drug abuse Level of drug abuse has seriously increased in the recent past, especially among the youths. Various efforts have been made to solve this problem. Many of the methods used aim either to prevent people from taking drugs or to treat ...
The video episode “22 Moral Dilemmas Can Ethics Help?” depicts peculiarities of medical care of premature infants in the light of various moral dilemmas (Van Ravenswaay and Jurna). Infants’ parents, as well as doctors, have to make ...
The issue regarding euthanasia of incurable, suffering patients has been the reason for debates for a long time. The ethical difficulty of this issue is that the process of euthanasia goes out of the margins of the physician's professional ...
The early childhood measurement has been the primary theme for discussions among practitioners and psychologists during last few decades. The assessment of children’s intellectual and psychological processes has gained many forms and ...

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