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While our company and our writers have not yet achieved the pinnacle of professionalism in terms of providing academic assistance, we have made some great strides over the past fifteen years.

What Are Our Hiring Procedures?

When candidates apply for a writing position at Essay-Experts.net, they are obliged to go through a rigorous vetting process, which involves a number of tests. Firstly, we evaluate each applicants' English skills by asking them to complete a four-hour web-based test taken from a textbook published by the Oxford University Press.

Additionally, they must take an assessment test to prove they understand different citation styles such as APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and so on. The final stage of the process involves the completion of a sample text, the quality of which is assessed by our evaluation team.

How Do We Evaluate Each Writer's Sample Paper?

We use various assessment criteria for evaluating sample papers. This includes checking writing style, language, legibility, level of professionalism and grammar. This means that not only candidates' English skills are assessed, but also their knowledge and expertise in the various subjects they are likely to be asked to write papers on.  

Do We Monitor Writers' Progress and Achievements?

Our company uses quality control and rating system to rate our writers and keep track of their performance. Some of the criteria our rating system is based on:

  • An assessment by professionally qualified editors - where three papers are randomly chosen from the assignments a writer has completed during the preceding fortnight and checked for overall writing skills.
  • The rating average given by customers for a particular discipline.
  • Number of repeated orders a writer attracts.
  • Any disciplinary points deducted for revisions, late delivery and/or disputes.
  • The disciplines preferred by a writer.

A great benefit of using this rating and quality control system is its flexibility and the fact it allows us to quickly provide each writer's most up-to-date rating. However, because of the flexibility of the system, a writer's rating can fluctuate in either direction. Hence, if you ask for a writer who previously helped you, the fee might be higher if the rating for that writer has increased. Similarly, you may be charged less if the rating of the writer you ask for has dropped. However, we urge you to ask for the writer you have previously collaborated with and found satisfactory.

Where Are Our Writers from?

Essay-Experts.net employs writers from all over the world e.g. from such countries as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, the UK, USA, and others. All our writers work on a freelance basis and must show they have good English skills and are proficient in various subjects so that our customers can be confident they will receive papers of the highest quality corresponding to their educational level.

If you want your order to be completed by a non-native English-speaking writer, you should indicate it in the order form.

How Do We Assign Orders to a Writer?

When we receive your order and payment verification, our administrators immediately look for the most suitably-qualified writer to start working on it. The system we use for selecting writers is continuously being improved. In any case, it all depends on the writer's knowledge, skills, background and experience. Above all, we ensure the writer's current workload gives them sufficient time to fully focus on your paper so that it meets your every expectation.

Can You Be Confident Your Writer Is Sufficiently Skilled to Write Your Paper?

If you want to see that our writers produce god papers, you may check the samples presented on the respective page of our website. Thus, you will ensure our writers have the qualifications and language skills necessary for creating impressive papers.

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