What is meant by “custom writing services”?

Our writing company provides custom-written essays, term papers, research papers, reviews, reports and other papers on a variety of topics. Our aim is to help students with any writing projects they are given. The writing service offered by Essay-Experts.net is provided by professional writers to help you create your papers by doing in-depth research and providing a broad perspective on your topic. Due to our pricing system, you have an opportunity to choose any deadline option from the offered ones.

How qualified are your writers to provide custom writing help?

We will allocate your order for a custom-written essay to an expert writer with a suitable degree in the field or discipline relevant to your assignment. Our team is made up of skilled experts from diverse backgrounds, all of whom have wide academic experience. Therefore, we can meet even the most demanding requirements. Essay-Experts.net is comprised of a number of different departments each of which is responsible for a specific aspect of our work. Our writers specialize in producing papers in such areas as Arts, Humanities, Law, Literature, Management, Mathematics, Medicine, the Sciences and more. Therefore, you can be confident we have all the resources necessary to handle your particular assignment.

How quickly will my order be completed?

You may choose when to receive your paper e.g. within three hours, six hours, eight hours, twelve hours, one day, two days, three days, five days, seven or nine days, etc. In any case, whatever the deadline is, your order will be delivered on time. However, remember to set reasonable time frames so that our writers have enough time to properly complete your assignments.

Is the practice of buying custom-written papers from your company legal?

Yes, it is entirely legal to purchase any type of custom-written paper from Essay-Experts.net. Our service is legitimate.

Are the papers your company offers really custom-made?

Clearly, custom writing means that a paper is freshly written from scratch. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal that is why our writers always strictly adhere to the given guidelines. We would be violating our own code of ethics and company's rules if we downloaded papers from the Internet and sold them. Moreover, our company uses effective detection software to check papers for plagiarism and ensure their originality.

Is it safe to buy papers from your website?

Undoubtedly, our website is completely secure because all financial transactions are handled by Plimus.com. More than one million customers use Plimus.com each month. Like many reputable online providers, Plimus.com uses SSL software to encrypt all credit card data.

Are the payment methods you are using reliable?

This is one of the most popular questions customers ask. As it has been stated above, all transactions at Essay-Experts.net are handled by Plimus.com, an online payment service that is renowned for being secure and reliable. This system is a very safe and convenient way of making payments online. Moreover, you are assured your credit or debit card information will not be shared with other parties. Financial data is processed by a secure server and all information is automatically deleted once a transaction is complete.

What format does your company use for custom-written essays?

Your essay will be formatted in any style you specify e.g. APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian and so on. By default, the standard format applied to all essays and other papers written by our professional writers is: each page contains 300 words in 12pt Times New Roman, is double-spaced and has one-inch margins on all sides. The customer may, however, specify a different format when placing their order if desired.

How will the fee for your service be shown on my credit/debit card statement?

Our fee will be shown as “Plimus.com” on your credit or debit card statement.

What type of essays and papers does your company offer?

You can order any kind of papers from our company. We can explore a broad range of subjects from Art to Zoology and everything in between e.g. Biology, Chemistry, History, Literature, Science and much more.

What guarantees do you offer in relation to plagiarism?

Every paper is thoroughly tested for plagiarism by using the latest detection software to ensure originality and authenticity. At you request, we can send you a free plagiarism report proving that your work is original.

Is it permissible to submit a custom paper received from you as my own work?

We do not tolerate any form of plagiarism. Therefore, any custom papers you receive from Essay-Experts.net should be used only as model or example papers to help you create your own pieces of writing.

How can your company be contacted if I have any issues with an order?

Our primary aim is to satisfy our customers completely. Everything we do is for their benefit. Monthly statistics show we have already achieved a 97% satisfaction rate. If a final product does not meet your exact requirements, you have up to 48 hours to request a revision. Our competent writers will happily undertake any revisions to provide you with the desirable work. When sending us a revision application, remember to provide us with detailed revision instructions so that the writer knows exactly what points to reconsider. Keep in mind that initial order directions should remain the same. If you think your original instructions have not been followed, you may apply for a refund for up to two weeks (14 days) of receiving an order. In case you consider any of the paper sections copied, you should send us a plagiarism report on your part (Please check our "Terms and Conditions" section for more information about the issue).

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