• “Antigone”: Characters Analysis

    One of the most prominent literature pieces based on Greek mythology is the tragedy “Antigone” written by Sophocles. When discussing the characters of this play, the main attention should ...

  • Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay

    Why Language Is that Important for Us? Talking is the thing we begin to open up and absorb since our birth. At first, it seems to be some nonsensical babbling that is a tool to react to the World ...

  • Plastic Surgery Persuasive Essay

    Plastic surgery may be an extremely controversial theme for crafting a persuasive essay. The primary task of any writer is to choose a strong thesis statement. You will have to create a list of pros ...

  • Composing the Research Statement

    When applying for an academic position, one has to do more than just include a teaching statement in the portfolio. A true candidate also has to provide a research argument. This research statement ...

  • Federation and Federalism

    In the modern world, there are various forms of state-territorial organization, including more than 20 federations. The federal system is a kind of state structure, which is a necessary institution ...

  • How to Write an Argumentative Essay

    Contemporary social problems, relationships, constant social and economic changes, causes and trends in the development of modern world require the use of a creative, responsible and competent ...

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