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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay

Why Language Is that Important for Us?

Talking is the thing we begin to open up and absorb since our birth. At first, it seems to be some nonsensical babbling that is a tool to react to the World around us. Then, comes the period when it transforms into a more legible speech. Humans are gifted with an exceptional ability to express their thoughts. None of the creatures has been given something similar. Our speech skills are a wonderful phenomenon in nature. It empowers us to tell how we feel, what we think, what our dreams are, and how we perceive different events that happen to us. This ability makes people the leading creatures on the whole Earth. So, what is the true meaning of mother tongue for each of us?

The article is devoted to writing an essay about mother tongue. Our custom writing service is ready to help you on the way of completing a successful paper. We can identify mother tongue as the language that we hear from our mother, as she is the first person who introduces to us the surrounding through the words. We learn how to use it to fulfill our needs and desires.

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Mother tongue serves as a means to pass on knowledge and traditions to further generations. The process of transferring is valued and significant. Even the first word matters a lot. The most common words that children pronounce first are “mom” and “dad”. Every language includes these notions. However, what are the elements that make the nationalities differ?

Amy Tan Essays

Essay on mother tongue comes to be an absolutely absorbing topic when you consider the language of immigrants who decided to move and continue their life in another country. For sure, such a decision as well as getting used to a new place with its native language is a very difficult process. Amy Tan describes how her family goes through it all. As she stated in her tongue essay, a family that immigrates divides their native language into two types. They are “broken” and “limited” variants of English. She described the way people react to immigrants and how socialization progresses. Amy Tan shared her own experience of learning English and the problems she dealt with. The school was one more place to feel all the hardships of collecting wits and getting used to the new mode of life. Sitting tests appeared to be almost an impossible task while she could not use appropriate words in the written language yet. Moreover, she came out with the information on how her mother spoke this language. Even living in the USA, she found it more comfortable to speak the mother tongue. Amy’s mother had not mastered the language perfectly, so there were some complications in communication with native speakers. The writer’s story reveals how it happened in everyday situations. The writer demonstrates the nasty problems a language barrier may cause. She is an example of persistence and stubbornness due to her courageousness to overcome it and master the English language.

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