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Excellent Custom «Policy-Making in the Federal System » Free Essay

«Policy-Making in the Federal System »

The health care policy has become quite controversial since people have their different view points, but it has solved numerous people’s health problems. Recently, the health reforms have become an active subject in the political arena. In the United States of America, the federal government plays a significant role in advancing the citizens’ health, especially the women’s, in the country. The federal government functions using national programs and aid to the states to develop health care policies, finance health, and other related services to people. However, American citizens feel that for numerous years the federal government has actually taken few incremental steps to handle the crises in the health care system. Recently, the federal government decided to take a significant step in handling the health care needs of people. American president, Barrack Obama, signed into law The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Basically, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act modifies the country’s health care structure, and it is implemented to advance the health of people all their lives. Consequently, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focuses on offering the Americans with the reasonable, quality, and inclusive health insurance. It involves changes to make sure that insurance firms do not rule out coverage of people or the circumstances, in which they require care. Generally, the policy offers financial aid to help people with minimum income to acquire the reasonable coverage (Medicaid.gov, 2009).

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The health care policy at the federal level was actually initiated in the 19th century and the first act was The Bill for the Benefit of the Indigent Insane, which could have developed asylums for the impoverished insane, deaf, and blind through land offers to the states. It was supported by certain activists, such as Dorothea Dix, and passed two houses of congress, but it was also opposed by other politicians. They argued that the federal government was not supposed to commit itself to the social welfare but leave it to the states. Health care in America has evolved over the years until The Universal Health Care that was initiated by the nation’s current president. Barrack’s health care plan was set up to create The National Health Insurance Exchange, which would involve the private insurance plans and a Medicaid-like government run alternative. Basically, the health coverage would be assured irrespective of health status, and premiums would not change based on the health status. Certain states have actually ten significant steps in acquisition of health care coverage (National Women’s Law Center, 2009). 

The Affordable Health Care Act became a very controversial issue since the very beginning. Basically, the reform act is highly complex and it makes it possible for any individual to select any fact that supports his or her opinion. One of the pros of Obama care policy debate is the fact that the policy was developed to minimize the entire health care costs by availing medical services to millions of citizens who cannot acquire insurance. It also caters for the people that cannot afford health insurance, so the federal government pays the states to include them in the Medicaid. On the other hand, the policy has its cons, such as increased taxes for certain individuals, such as those that acquired an income above $200,000. It is favorable for the citizens that the policy is meant to reduce their health costs.

However, it increases the burden on the government and spends an enormous amount on the medical services. Increasing taxes on the people that earn enormous amounts of money was a reasonable way of acquiring funds that cater for the health care. However, it would seem a lot of financial weight on some American citizens. Effectiveness portrays how well the policy functions to solve a certain problem. The health care policy is actually effective because it is able to cover the health insurance of each individual regardless of the health and financial status of that person. Basically, federalism is a form of government that involves power division amid national government and other government sections. The constitution framework handles the connection between the federal government and the states. The constitution actually builds up the federal system and develops a strong national government. Basically, it can be considered inconsistent with the constitution because it does not grant the congress a direct power to endorse these plans. Basically, the proponents of health care argue that the clauses, such as ‘general welfare’ or ‘interstate commerce’ grant the congress the power to build the national health insurance to act (Shaw, 2009).

Despite the controversial state of the health care policy, it has its advantages, especially to the poor citizens of America. Financially, all the citizens are distinct and they all deserve proper health care. Health is vital in human life and the government should participate in the health of its people. On the other side, there are challenges that the federal government and the states strive to manage.


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