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Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

One of the additional and very useful services offered by Essay-Experts.net is one we refer to as progressive delivery, which means delivering a paper in parts. This should ideally suit anyone with orders that are large and/or more complex than usual i.e. papers comprised of 20+ pages typed in double-spacing or 10+ pages where they are typed in single-spacing format.

How you can benefit from this useful service:

  • You track your project easily because your paper is sent to you in drafts or parts so that you can check and approve each part before you need to submit it.
  • You get 30 days for requesting free revisions (you just get 2 days for free revisions with a standard delivery).
  • Our best writers and editors are assigned to your project.
  • You get a manager assigned to your order to oversee its satisfactory completion and to make sure you can communicate effectively and efficiently with your writer.

How we send your drafts*:

  • If you need your order in 4 days or sooner, we deliver the first 25% of your paper once 50% or half your deadline time has expired. So, for instance, if your order equals 20 pages and you give us a 2-day completion deadline, you will get 5 pages when 1 day of that time has passed.
  • If you need your order in 5-11 days, we deliver the first 25% and a second part equaling 50% of your order size when 25% and 50% of your deadline time has expired.
  • If you need your order in 12 days or later, we deliver three parts equaling 25%, 50%, and 75% of your order size respectively when 25%, 50%, and 75% of your deadline time has expired.

Get the best for no more than +15% of the overall order price.

* Should you wish to get your paper by some method other than the one described above, your personal manager will work out a plan to match your specific requirements.

Extra Options if you have a Short (Less than 20 Pages) Order

1-Page Summary

Another additional service we provide is the option of getting your entire paper in summary format. This is just a 1-page document summing-up the most important points. This option is perfect if you need to report regularly on your work’s progress.

Draft of Your Paper

This service enables you to get a 1-page draft of your paper once 50% of your deadline has passed. We provide these drafts as either 300 word or 600 word documents, depending on whether you want double spacing (300 words) or single spacing (600 words). Essentially, this means you get your draft paper in 2 days where your deadline equals 4 days.

Extended Revision

Those who use the writing services offered by Essay-Experts.net have the option of free revisions, provided they submit their requests within 48 hours of receiving their paper. You may extend this time for up to 14 days by choosing our “extended revision” service!

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