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Why Is Our Affiliate Program Beneficial?

Our company is one of the leading providers of custom writing services. In order to make our existing customers keep using our services and attract the new ones, we have launched a fantastic affiliate program. It is aimed at helping our clients generate income while ordering papers from us. By implementing our affiliate program, we would like to show our customers that we greatly appreciate their decision to use our services. Everyone who is using our online services can benefit from our referral scheme. When joining our affiliate program, you will get an opportunity to earn money and spend it on buying different kinds of writing projects from us. From now on, utilizing our services becomes even more advantageous.

If you are pondering over the idea of participating in our referral scheme, you should be aware of some facts. First, you will be required to promote our services and tell your friends, classmates and acquaintances about our agency. Second, if you succeed in advertising our services, you will be able to earn cash bonuses and use them for purchasing your assignments from us. Isn’t it awesome?

Great Affiliate Program – Outstanding Offers

If you perform your duties properly and succeed in attracting new clients to our agency, you will be provided with a 10% bonus. If to be precise, you will get a 10% bonus once a new customer, whom you recommended to use our services, places their first order at our site.

A new customer who has used your promo code when making their order on our website will be given a 17% discount.

How to Join Our Affiliate Program


Log in to your personal area and go to the section called “Affiliate Program”.


The one who gets an email from you will be given a special promo code and detailed information about our company and the services it provides.


Read the information provided in this section attentively not to miss any details. Close attention should be paid to the promo code, the form for sending emails*, and the link taking users to the “Affiliate program” section on our website.


The discount will be applied once the promo code is entered.


Copy the provided link and email it to your friends, classmates, and everyone who you think may find using our services helpful.


The system will memorize every user to prevent the use of the same code several times.

*This is the field called "My friends’ emails", where you should enter the emails of your friends, classmates, or anyone who may consider our online services useful.

Advantages of Our Affiliate Program

300 words per page instead of 275
VIP Services
Affiliate Program
Discount System
Free Revisions (on demand)

You will be rewarded with a bonus for every new client you invite to us. Once a new customer makes an order on our website, you will be informed about getting a 10% bonus.

The earned bonuses can be either accumulated in your personal account or spent on buying papers from our agency. You can use your bonuses to purchase any kind of writing projects, i.e. essays, research proposals, coursework, and others.

Additionally, your cash bonuses can be withdrawn via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Do not delay contacting us! When using our services, you will be able to not only improve your academic standing but also earn cash.

Who can Become Our Affiliate and How?

Social accounts

Place links to our site in your social accounts. Such social applications as Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp can be used for promotion.


Find out how to promote your discount code with the help of YouTube. To promote your code, you need to create a special YouTube channel.

Business cards

One of the ways of becoming our affiliate is printing business cards and distributing them among your friends.

Discount code

Earn cash by sending your discount code via email to anyone after signing up for our affiliate program.

Promo code

Share a special promo code or a referral link with your friends. Once they click the link, they will join our referral program.


Everyone who desires to improve their financial standing can benefit from joining our affiliate program.

Affiliate program


Log in to your account
on our website


Copy the link and share
it with your friends


Get a 10% Bonus
from a friend's order


Your friend gets a 17% discount on the first order


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