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«Issue Specific Security Policy»

Fair and Responsible Use of Office E-Mail at Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC

Statement of Policy

The primary aim of this policy is to foster a fair and responsible use of office email at Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC which may involve any sending and receiving of emails or any other form of communication such as chat rooms and hangouts. The employees are required to make reasonable use of the office email in a way that does not affect their work and the work of others barely affecting the company’s resources. For example, if an employee uses the office email for personal communication, they should make it clear by using the world Personal in the subject line.

Authorized Access and Usage of Office Email

The office email is intended to be used by authorized persons within Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC only. In this context, an authorized user is any person that has been given a permission to access the company’s office email. Authorized persons include the company’s employees and contingent workers. All users granted access to the enterprise’s email must fully understand and comply with the contents of this policy.

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Prohibited Use of Office Email

All employees and contingent workers that are allowed using office email should use it in reasonable personal and professional ways. They should be cautious not to misuse it in any way. For example, email communication should not constitute harassment, bullying, abuse, or incitement. Besides, email communication should not be used to negotiate illicit transactions or plan criminal activities. The users of office email should follow all protocols defined in the company’s code of conduct and instructions on the use of computing facilities.

Office Email Management

The Office Administrator of Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC will be responsible for ensuring that the office email is configured properly. These will include the creation of passwords and configuration of the office email that includes spam and junk settings. Besides, the administrator will ensure that the emails are configured with the proper filtering settings in order to allow only sensible communication to happen. The end users will be responsible for ensuring that the office emails they are using are well configured as defined in the Enterprise Workstation Standards. They will be responsible for securing their login details to ensure that all unauthorized users are limited to access the office email. Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC will reserve the right to audit all communications made through the office email.

Violations of Policy

In all cases when Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC’s employees and contingent workers will be found guilty of wrong use of the office email, whatever steps deemed appropriate for the situation will be taken. These will include but not limited to restricted use of computing facilities, disciplinary procedures, legal action, and forced leave. The guidelines for action will include a warning for the first-time violators and a formal stern notice to employees that have made prior violations. All abuses of this policy should be reported directly to the managers who will subsequently report the violations to the Information Security department.

Policy Review and Amendment

The policy will be reviewed and amended on a semi-annual basis by Fahed’s Fine Foods LLC’s Information Security department. The policy may, however, be modified at any time when there is a change in technology or where a modification is appropriate.

Limitations of Liability

Fahel’s Fine Food’s LLC will not in any way take responsibility for any unauthorized acts committed by the employees and deemed to violate the local, state, and federal laws. If a user has been found to have used the office email inappropriately, the company will immediately terminate its employer-employee relationship. Besides, the company will not provide any legal protection or assistance. 


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