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«Climate Change»


Climate change is a problem that the entire world faces, which creates the need for people to work together in order to reduce its negative effects. Because of the climate change, the UAE is faced with food shortage, loss of employees’ productivity, reduction or extinction of biodiversity of flora and fauna, loss of soil moisture, destruction of roads and houses, and the high costs of their reconstruction. Due to this reason, the UAE will have to sign treaties with the bodies that spearhead the reduction of consequences of climate change, such as Paris Agreement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They should also work toward strengthening their institutions and changing the attitude of citizens toward climate change.

Strategic Issue: Climate Change

The effects of climate change shape a strategic issue for the UAE since the UAE vision of 2030 indicates that the accelerated rise in sea level will flood the areas of residence, which will massively destroy property, businesses, and infrastructure (Government.ae, n.d.). Therefore, it should make the government utilize financial resources to reduce the effects of climate change while improving the economy and developing infrastructure. The climate change will also raise the level of heat in the universe that will make the earth not suitable for human and animal survival, enabling the government to work toward using finances to mitigate these effects, thus greatly diminishing the available resources.

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The extinction and death of animals and plants in the UAE as a result of the intense heat waves will lead to low levels of income in the nation, especially when the animals that attract tourists or those that make the soil lively and suitable for agriculture die. The death or extinction of animals will take away the resources and food that the country greatly depends on (El-Keblawy, 2014). It is the prediction of scientists that the temperatures of the globe will continue to rise for many coming years as a result of the greenhouse gases that people emit to the atmosphere, and it will negatively affect all forms of life on the planet (Abuelgasim & Daiban, 2017). The temperatures will create ozone layer that will heat the earth, rising its temperature. The rising temperature will lower the levels of survival of people, animals, and plants. As human beings use funds during production, it leads to the emission of high amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The IPCC indicates that the net yearly costs will escalate as time passes due to the worldwide rise in temperature.

The expected increase in temperature will lengthen the duration of crop production, which will make many people go hungry due to the lack of food. Since the UAE highly depends on the supply of food from other nations that are also prone to the impact of climate change, its citizens are likely to starve. The prices of food will also increase, which will greatly lower the income levels of poor citizens as they will use a lot of their income to purchase food. The government of the UAE will thus look for funds to feed the hungry population. According to El-Keblawy (2014), the rise in global warming temperature and the consequences of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide will negatively affect the society, business, and economy of the UAE. In response, the UAE consented UNFCCC to reduce its production of fossil fuel. At the same time, the dedication of the UAE to adhere to the Paris Agreement will enable the maintenance of the worldwide increase in temperature to be below 2oC (AlRustamani, 2014). Abiding by the agreements will make the UAE a country with financial and human resources.

The increase of the temperature and humidity will make the workers less productive, and it will escalate the threats they face. The reduction of the workers’ productivity and escalated risks will lead to the losses of approximately $2 trillion worldwide as a result of poor health (Singh, 2014). The high temperatures will likely reduce the pace of working of the outdoor employees as they will take a lot of time on breaks and while moving their machinery and equipment to work in the areas that are cooler. The temperature will not be sustainable for humans to work under as their body temperature will also increase, and they will sweat profusely. The UAE requires the laws that would regulate the global warming and enter into many international treaties that encourage the reduction of green gas emission.

Climate change will also have a profound impact on the construction and real estate industries in the UAE as the rising sea levels will destroy roads and houses in coastal planes. The rising sea levels will cause waters to overflow the coastal areas, where about 85% of real estate development is happening. It includes such places as hotels and resorts situated there since the floods will weaken the buildings and make them collapse, while also preventing tourists and guests from using the facilities (AlRustamani, 2014). The UAE government will and is currently developing a national climate change plan, and they have already created a Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in order to mitigate this problem (AlRustamani, 2014). Flooding of the coastal areas will make the place unsafe and expensive for the developers, making them fear that their investments would go to waste as a result of floods which might be caused by the rising sea levels. They will thus avoid the investments in the UAE, which will not be healthy for the country’s economy. The UAE will thus have to use resources and develop regulations that will improve confidence levels of the investors to make them invest in the region. Property insurers will also withdraw from the coastal areas as their levels of risks associated with properties in such locations are very high, which might make them face losses while insuring the properties. Climate change will also make the constructors build houses by using the increased amounts of money and for extended durations of time (Singh, 2014). The hot temperature and high humidity will make the construction workers unproductive, and the expectation of high floods due to rising sea levels will require the development of flood prevention infrastructure. Laws regarding building and construction in such places will need to be implemented.

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Climate change will also have a strong impact on the supply and demand of water as the UAE prioritizes the reduction of future water demands in its strategy. Nonetheless, the high evaporation from water bodies as a result of climate change poses a deficit in water supplies, as they will reduce due to evaporation. There will also be high demands for water in the future as the population of the UAE will increase (Werrell & Femia, 2013). The government of the UAE will need to use money to develop novel sources of water to offset the high demand and increase water supplies. It will need to come up with effective water management initiatives to ensure that the citizens do not lack the basic necessities. Above all, in order not to face the adverse effects of water shortage, the government will need to implement climate change laws that direct industries and individuals in regard to the acceptable levels of greenhouse gas emissions and enforce the laws to ensure they are strictly followed. The government will also need to adjust its policies and institutions that deal with the environment, and change the attitude of its citizens regarding climate change.

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The UAE will face a lot of problems due to the effects of climate change, ranging from the loss of productivity of the employees to the reduction of flora and fauna. The government will have to strengthen its institutions, work diplomatically with various nations to lower the impact of climate change, and use its resources to devise the ways of alleviating the effects of this issue.


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