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«New Designs of Cars»


Audi A7 (Modern car)

With the current competitive market environment, manufacturers have ventured into the creation of products that appeal to their customers. Today’s automotive industries have come up with new kinds of cars that everyone admires. Audi A7 is the type of car that everyone would love to have. It is the kind of modern luxurious car that suits the demands of the most fastidious customer. The design of its shape has a close similarity to the typical sports cars that were produced in the 1970s. It has subtly arcing feature with couple-like glass windows on the sides; the feature makes it resemble the racing cars that existed four decades ago.

The body has a sharp tail that makes the model distinctive in the automotive market. In Audi A7, the structures of single frame grilles are fixed at the far end corners to bring the taste of uniqueness. The headlights are revolutionized to have a thinner contour which has displaced the headlamps of xenon. They have “matrix led” lamps that can maintain high beams of light when on the road. The car has exhaust pipes which are rectangular in shape for efficient emission of gasses. The taillights assume the new form that overrides the common helix design.

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As for the interior design, the car is fitted with the current infotainment system, LTE connection structure, and night-vision controls. The engine system of Audi A7 is a four banger. The engine’s capacity is two liters and its output rate is 252 horsepower. The power is only directed to the front wheels. There is a highly charged V-6, creating 333 hp that distributes pressure to all the four wheels. The car has a dual-clutch box with a seven-speed gear. The car design also has some faults in the body shape. It lacks a happy face, as described by the designers.



Edsel, first created in 1958, was unique in the automotive industry. The car was made in two different designs: “the big “and “the bigger”. The bigger cars were made on a mercury-based frame and the smaller ones were designed on a smaller ford-based frame. The most popular feature of these cars was the “Teletouch shifter” found at the central point of the steering wheel. The device controlled the automatic electronic transmission. It had self-adjusting brakes, arrangements of whistles and bells, suspended speedometer that rises when the set speed is surpassed and it had a hood that electronically released the controls from the inner side of the car.

Edsel was introduced into the market at the time of recession when the car prices were low, thus it could not receive the market value (Haig, 2005). The car quality was below the market demand. The design was poor at the time when the car market was competitive. The above situations led to its collapse in the automotive industry.


The Corvair cars were introduced into the market in the 1960s. Corvair had a six-cylinder engine which produced 80 to 90 horsepower. Its design incorporated turbocharger for boosting power. Other features included swig-axle back under suspension, stiffer springs, and smaller rear-axle. The collapse of Corvair came as a result of instability causing easy rollover (Donaldson, 2007). The cars were prone to accidents.


Pinto cars were characterized by rectangular headlamps, slant grill, sloping hood, and aluminum bumpers. The vehicles were later recognized as cause of death due to their numerous involvements in accidents. The situation led to their decline in the automotive markets.


Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron is expected to arrive in the market in 2016. They are sports cars meant for racing. The car is designed to replace the Veyron which has been in the market since 2005. The maximum speed of the car is expected to be 288 miles per hour (mph). The current Veyron has a maximum speed of 255 mph.

From the current Veyron model, Bugatti Chiron will show a modification in the structure. The present Bugatti Veyron is made of carbon fiber. Improvement of interior features and outer appearance are the main objective in the production of Chiron. The futuristic Chiron will have F-18 canopy design. 

The capacity of the engine is 8 liters. The engine has higher boost pressure as compared to the current Bugatti Veyron. Two out of the four inbuilt turbochargers will be operational. The engine output is expected to be 1500 horsepower up from the current model.

For speed controls, an automatic seven-speed, dual clutch will be mounted and a four-wheel-drive system will be added to increase its stability during the race. The new model faces competition from some manufacturers including Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1 (Kacher, 2015). The feature common with the above competitors is the F-18 canopy structure. The above products are also expected in the market in 2016. All the mentioned cars are meant for sporting activities.

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Bugatti Chiron might face some challenges before the actual day of its release. The Octogenarian group which is a major contributor in the manufacture of the car might pull out. The situation might force both the car and the brand to stand on their own. The car is expected to cost 2.5 million US dollars when it arrives in the market.


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