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Excellent Custom «Using Computers in a Medical Laboratory» Free Essay

«Using Computers in a Medical Laboratory»

Computers are undoubtedly being used in medical laboratories today. They have made work easier and reduced the waiting time that patients spend waiting for results. With computers, more laboratory tests can be carried out in a day. Therefore, computer technology is used by medical laboratory professionals to undertake blood tests, run simulations, test drugs, store patient data and aid research.


One of the operations that medical laboratory technicians do is taking blood samples of patients, analyzing them and detecting presence or absence of a given virus. When this is done manually, the technicians extract blood samples from their patients and subject them to certain conditions after which they manually test for the viruses they suspect would be in the blood. The process is likely to take long and require more blood.

With the discovery of computers, the computerized technology is being used. It subjects blood samples to a certain condition such as temperature and undertakes the required tests. The system is controlled from a computer screen. A medical laboratory technician is only required to extract a blood sample from a patient and place it on the computerized machine. Any other step from there is electronic. In case they intend to turn the position of the sample, they will do that on the screen. Then they are offered a list of laboratory tests on this screen, and they choose the one they intend to carry out on the sample. Using this technology, they can determine the levels of sugars, amino acids, proteins or any other type of element that they may require (Baran, Kiani, & Samuel, 2014). Additionally, the computer system has the capability to generate the laboratory results and relay them back to a clinician in good time. As such, the patient will not require carrying the results, which in most cases leads to their loss.

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Additionally, the role of medical laboratory professionals entails comparing different types of viruses or even microbes to determine their similarity in causing a disease or bringing a cure to a disease. If the process is done manually, it may be exhausting and mind-consuming (Beaman, Flemming-McPhillips, Routh, Gohsman, & Reagan, 2011). Due to the confusion in which it will likely result, the process may not produce the intended results. Computer technology has changed the field by enabling the running and guaranteeing the effectiveness of the process.

Medical laboratory technologists are better equipped to eradicate diseases through the use of computers in running simulations. It is now easier than it was before the use of computers for laboratory technologists to identify the modification of a disease cell within a short time (Ciulla, 2010). Use of computers has enabled running of numerous simulations within a span of hours. Through this, the effectiveness of treatment methods has been approved or disapproved. At the same time, different forms of a disease as well stages of a disease are detected early in time. As a result, use of computers to run simulations has enabled informing clinicians of the treatment.

Medical Laboratory Technicians participate in medical research to inform uptake of different compounds as drugs for certain diseases. They continually test compounds to check for traits that can counter another characteristic that is shown by a virus. These technicians are now using computer technology to study the different traits portrayed by different compounds. The computerized machines detect the elements of the compounds and enable a technologist to study them over time. Further, they gather statistics about these compounds that are appropriate to back any claims made.. Using this information in testing compounds, laboratory technicians can discover drugs that will end up saving lives as well as some characteristics of compounds that would adversely put life at risk (Shortliffe, & Cimino, 2014). Therefore, use of computers allows for a study of the progression of a disease and some of the necessary characteristics that are the only ones possible of countering the disease.

The medical field would not be complete without research. It is important that continuous and progressive researches are carried out so as to keep abreast with emerging and recurring trends in the field of medicine. Uptake of computers in the medical laboratory field has enhanced medical research by providing research data (Ciulla, 2010). Computers come with the capability to store large volumes of information. When patients’ tests are carried out, their records are left in the computer systems and are organized systematically. As a result, these records can be presented as data to inform about a trend.

In treatment, clinicians will use the patients’ data which shows their medical history to inform diagnosis and management. Computerized machines in the medical laboratories enable the capturing of an aspect of patient data and its storage. If a patient presents more than one case or a similar case recurs, a computer system will easily detect this fact, which is not possible when the system is manual. In such a case, detailed measures will be undertaken to manage the patient's condition (Ciulla, 2010). Medical laboratory technologists are using computer systems to track patient data and hence easily detect a medical condition through its (data) analysis.


The modern technological advancement has made its way to the medical laboratory field. Here, computers are used to ease work by reducing the amount of time spent in carrying out medical tests and the amount of physical work. Additionally, it has increased the effectiveness of medical tests as correct results are a guarantee.


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